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File extension QTR is commonly used as the extension for QuickTime Resources. Files with this extension can be accessed on Windows and Mac operating systems. QuickTime Resources provide additional feature for the QuickTime Player to perform various functionalities and enhance its capabilities.

QuickTime Player, developed by Apple Inc, is a portable player capable of presenting and playing videos, producing high quality audio, and a lot more entertainment features. QTR files are automatically installed upon installation of the QuickTime Player. For Windows and Mac users, the player can be downloaded for free by visiting the manufacturer's website. QuickTime Player is not only shipped on computers, but also in other devices including smart phones with video streaming features.

The latest QuickTime Player version 7 is created with the newest video compression known as H.264. It is capable of supporting several formats including File extension WAV, File extension MOV, and File extension AAC. The package, including its predecessor can be used for authoring movies or live events that can be distributed on a disk or over the Internet. With its flexibility and robust support on multiplatform environment, QuickTime Player became one of the most successful applications downloaded by millions of computer users mostly those with Windows installed on their systems.

QTR files are specifically designed for QuickTime Player. Files with these extensions actually contain the resource fork or the structured data to be used by the player. Resource fork is native to Macintosh computer systems. QTR files are closely associated with QTX files which are also used to support information for codecs and other file importers.

Aside the player itself, QTR files can be accessed by another Apple application called the Rezwack tool. This application can be used to integrate both the QTX and QTR files into a single file with QTX extension. Combining both extensions provide flexibility to the product instead of shipping it with both files present.

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